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Company profile
The Société Immobilière Dupont is the owner manager of several buildings in the region of Quebec. Founded in 1969, Mr. Jean-YvesDupon first invested mainly in the residential sector. It is 1974 that Mr. Dupont started to be interested in commercial buildings. The Société Immobilière Dupont rapidly became a major force in commercial real estate and is now one of the largest privately ownned real estate company in the region of Quebec.

Over the years, Société Immobilière Dupont has diversified its portfolio by acquiring several office buildings as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Today, the company has to its assets more than 1 200 000 commercial square feet and 525 residential apartments.

Our mission is providing our clients professional and high quality services at the best possible cost.

Our Management Team

Our team of professionals is at your disposal to ensure the daily management of your building. Here are their addresses and their respective responsibilities:

Property Management
President & CEO

Michel Dupont

Vice Presidents to management
Daniel Dupont
Jean C. Dupont
Johanne Dupont

commercial division
Vice President, General Manager
Commercial leasing
Mario Chenel

Commercial Rental
Éric Dupont

Administrative Assistant
Coustomer Accounts
Sylvie Bergeron

Customer service and parking attendant
Martin Bélanger

residential division
Vice President and Manager
Éric Poulin

Administrative Assistant
Romy Dupont

Germain Gamache

Accounts Payable
Isabelle Déry


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